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Transform the way you do business by prioritizing profits

Learn about the Profit First accounting method: what it is, how it works, and how Plus Advisors can help you use it to grow your business.

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Make your business permanently profitable

Profit First is a revolutionary cash management method that puts profit at the forefront of your accounting. Unlike traditional approaches, that focus solely on profit after expenses, the Profit First method takes profits off the top.

By taking profits off the top, you're forced to scrutinize your expenses to ensure you're focusing only on the things that drive real profitability for your business.

How it works
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how profit first works

Drive revenue directly into your profit account

Most entrepreneurs run their business via “login and see what you’ve got - bank balance accounting.” If that's what you do... congratulations! Profit First was made for you.

The Profit First Professional team Plus Advisors will help you determine the percentage of revenue to allocate to each account and guide them to make your business soar.

Instant Assessment
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Gain immediate insight into your profit potential

Don’t let financial uncertainty hold you back — get your Profit First Instant Assessment and take the first step towards a financially robust, thriving business. Your journey to sustainable profitability is just a click away!

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1:1 profit first coaching

Achieve Profit First success through dedicated coaching

Our Profit First Coaching program is exactly what you need to correctly get up and running. The program spans three months, encompassing six sessions held every two weeks.

During these sessions, we'll ensure the seamless integration of Profit First into your business, providing expert guidance and handling all the necessary financial calculations for you.

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the Profit first book

Take a page from the Profit First book

Actually, take the first 2 chapters! While most small businesses may appear thriving on the outside, many are silently grappling to stay afloat. With its captivating stories and wit, Profit First by Mike Michalowicz not only shows you how to make profit a habit but also provides a playbook on how to get started.

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about Mike Michalowicz

Profit First Formula:
Sales - Profit = Expenses

Mike Michalowicz is the author and creator of Profit First, the strategy used by hundreds of thousands of companies just like yours. Profit First isn't just a theory, it's a practical roadmap that's reshaping how businesses handle their finances to steer them towards higher profits.

"If there will ever be a patron saint for entrepreneurs, Mike Michalowicz is surely the top contender for the position." — Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why.

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