Profit First

The Profit First Blueprint: Amplifying Your Business Earnings with Strategic Bookkeeping

Entrepreneurs are changing their cash flow game with the Profit First method, ensuring consistent profits and fair compensation. Historically, many entrepreneurs have struggled to pay themselves both adequately and on time. Thankfully, this paradigm is shifting.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding the Profit First Approach
  • The Mechanism Behind Profit First
  • Deciphering Profit First Allocations
  • The Essential Five Accounts of Profit First
  • Collaborate with Us to Seamlessly Set Up Profit First Accounts

Mike Michalowicz's groundbreaking book, "Profit First," has revolutionized the way businesses think about cash flow and budgeting. Receiving acclaim from accountants, SMEs, and the financial freedom aficionados, the book guides entrepreneurs through a transformative journey of financial management. If you're keen on embedding the Profit First principles into your venture, Plus Advisors is the perfect partner. Our expertise in bookkeeping, paired with insights from Mike Michalowicz's transformative book, "Profit First", promises a lucrative journey ahead for your enterprise.

Understanding the Profit First Approach

The Profit First approach breaks away from traditional accounting practices. While the usual method subtracts expenses from sales and leaves whatever is left as profit, Profit First advocates a different formula:

  • Traditional Profit Calculation: Sales – Expenses = Profit
  • Profit First Calculation: Sales – Profit = Expenses

By prioritizing profit, business owners become more mindful of their expenditures, ensuring that profit, tax, and owner compensation are taken into account from the outset. This proactive approach can prove challenging initially but is invaluable for entrepreneurs aiming to truly benefit from their hard work.

The Mechanism Behind Profit First 

The principle is straightforward. Instead of waiting to see what remains after expenses, entrepreneurs using the Profit First method set aside a predetermined profit percentage from every cash deposit. This system employs various bank accounts to manage profits, taxes, operational costs, owner remunerations, and overall revenue. The exact distribution is guided by Target Allocation Percentages (TAPS), providing a blueprint of where funds should be channeled.

Deciphering Profit First Allocations 

Profit First allocations serve as a diagnostic tool for your current financial health and a roadmap for future fiscal goals.

  • Current Allocation Percentages (CAPS): Showcases the existing distribution between income, owner's salary, operational costs, profit, and taxes.
  • Target Allocation Percentages (TAPS): Represents the ideal financial distribution to bolster profitability and growth.

Mike Michalowicz provides a handy chart that delineates target allocations based on various revenue brackets. For a more in-depth breakdown of how to set your TAPS, consult resources that factor in your specific tax scenario.

The Essential Five Accounts of Profit First 

These are the five pivotal accounts for the Profit First method:

For a structured financial journey, the Profit First method recommends five pivotal accounts:

  1. Income
  2. Profit
  3. Owner’s Compensation
  4. Tax
  5. Operating Expenses (OpEx)

As experts in the field, we not only assist you in setting up these accounts but ensure that your financial data is accurate, comprehensible, and actionable. Our goal is to eliminate the guesswork and empower you with clear financial data.

Collaborate with Us to Seamlessly Set Up Profit First Roadmap 

With a passion for enhancing business financials, our bookkeeping services are designed to sync perfectly with the Profit First methodology. By collaborating with us, you gain access to tailored strategies, expert insights, and a commitment to elevating your business's financial health.

Elevate your financial game, understand your numbers, and lay the foundation for sustainable profitability. Let us be your financial compass, guiding you towards a prosperous future.

If you're ready to revolutionize your business accounting and lay a solid foundation for consistent profitability, get in touch with us today.
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